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Child Car Seat Protector

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PROTECT YOUR CAR SEATS - Our Car Seat Protector Mat keeps stains off the seat and is padded to protect the expensive leather from permanent indentation damage from your child’s car seat. It will not protect the upholstery on the ceiling from crayons, yogurt, milk, boogers, projectile vomit, mysterious traveling turds, blood, cheerios, or unicorn kisses. But the seat is protected from all of those things, except unicorn kisses. Unicorns are magical.

FROM BIRTH TO FULLY GROWN – Our Car Seat Protector will protect and defend your leather car seats from the onslaught of children! From your wriggling, curious baby in a rear facing car seat, to your muddy-shoed, kicking toddler in a forward facing seat, to your endlessly hungry youngster in a booster seat scattering crumbs in a flurry around them. And long after they stop believing in unicorns, your car seat will still be protected from messy teenagers…