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Q. What is the shelf life of your Teeth Whitening Gel Pen?

A. The shelf life of our gel unopened is generally 24 months.

Q. Are there any animal products in your teeth whitening gels?

A. Absolutely not. We do not deal with any products that could endanger animals.

Q. Are your teeth whitening gels gluten free?

A. Yes all our teeth whitening gels are gluten free.

Q. Is it hard to get the strips between the teeth?

A. No, most of our customers tell us that they simply apply the strips, then when in place, they use their fingernails to push the strips into the teeth joints.

Q. Do I need to use the teeth whitening continuously?

A. No. It is up to you how often you apply the treatments. Once you have got the whiteness you wish, then you can reduce how often you use the teeth whiteners to simply maintain your desired color.

Q. Will the teeth whitening gel change the color of a dead tooth?

A. No. The product is not a coloring agent. It simply cleans stains from you teeth and reveals the natural color of your enamel. 

Q. Does the gel work on nicotine stains?

A. Absolutely. Nicotine stains are one of the top reasons customers buy our product.

Q. How long will the teeth whitening gel keep your teeth white?

A. We cannot give a guaranteed time that your teeth will stay white as it depends on the food and drinks that are consumed on a daily basis. We supply a list of top 10 tips for maintaining your white teeth after treatment.

Q. How do you use it?

A. We supply a detailed set of instructions with each product. If at any time that has been lost, simply contact us for a further copy.

Q. What exactly is in the ingredients?

A. We supply a complete list of ingredients on the packaging of every product and also on our website listings.

Q. How snug are the Winesaver corks when you insert them in the bottle?

A. They have a very snug fit and need to be pushed firmly in to the neck of the bottle.

Q. Does the product (Wine Saver) make a "click" noise when it's complete

A. No it does not. When we were developing the Wine Saver, we found that the corks we tried that made the clicking sound were not reliable.

Some corks did work and when the air was fully pumped out of the bottle then an audible click could be heard. However these corks seemed to be less reliable, with slight leaks when bottles were laid on their sides.

We decided that our customers would prefer no leaks in the fridge or storage areas, and judge for themselves when the bottle was properly sealed.

Q. Do bottles leak when they are stored on their side with the winesaver cork in?

A. As mentioned above, we concentrated on preventing leaks when we designed the corks and they do not leak when the cork has been correctly sealed.

Q. Can we buy extra stoppers for the Wine Saver?

A. Yes. We sell extra corks in sets of 4.

Q. Is the Wine Saver dish washer safe?

A. Absolutely. However from our experience, we have only ever found it necessary to rinse the the corks or the pump in warm water.

Q. How do you know when the Wine Saver is completely sealed?

A. When you start pumping there is no resistance. As the air is emptied from the bottle, resistance builds until it maintains a constant resistance - the bottle is then sealed. This will vary depending on the amount of wine left in the bottle; the more wine left, the less pumping required.

Q. Does the Wine Saver work with champagne?

A. It will. However the results are only good for a maximum of 24 hours. After that there tends to be a reduction in the bubbles.